Garcia River Estuary, Mendocino County, CA


Contract Grow, Revegetation Services, Erosion Control

We worked with The Nature Conservancy to restore complex salmonid rearing habitat in the 0.5-mile-long middle estuary zone of the Garcia River. The Project aims to address restore complex rearing habitat by 1) re-connecting and re-creating two seasonally flooded accessible wetlands on the floodplains in the National Monument to provide long-duration inundated habitat for high flow refugia and floodplain feeding opportunities, 2) installing ten engineered log jams and six habitat structures to provide complex low-flow shelter elements that juvenile salmon need during their estuary rearing period, and 3) installing two engineered log jams to guide the river and create complex flow paths and connectivity to the floodplain inlets and habitat structures. Samara installed all the erosion control, bioengineering, plantings, and seeding for the project.