Eureka, CA


Contract Grow, Restoration Design, Revegetation Services, Maintenance, and Biological Monitoring

Palco Marsh is located along the Eureka Waterfront trail on Humboldt Bay. Historically the area was an industrial site, then later a homeless encampment. Portions of the marsh had become infested with invasive common reed Phragmites australis. In 2018, we partnered with North Coast Resource Management to restore Palco Marsh into a functioning wetland as mitigation for PG&E utility operations. This included extensive removal efforts in a combination of cutting, burning, discing, and applying herbicide to the Phragmites. On this project, Samara assisted with invasive removal, developed a planting plan, grew out, and planted native wetland vegetation. We are contracted to conduct annual biological monitoring and routine maintenance for non-native plant management.